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Feel free to wander around in our technical library. Some of the articles are fairly technical, but I tried to keep them at a level most could understand. In many cases there are links from the articles to pages where it gets a lot more technical very fast. If you are going to copy them, please give credit where credit is due and it would be nice if you dropped us a line to let us know you are doing it.

 Some of the articles are just general in nature, like what to carry in the boot and some, I hope, will make it easier to understand why it takes as long as it can to repair your vehicle and why it costs what it does and why, and this is a big one here, in the vintage, classic and antique world an estimate is just that, an estimate. A best guess based on previous jobs what it is hoped it will actually be. But each vehicle is unique and each one will have surprises no one is expecting.