What People Have To Say

Alan Treisbach - PA


Thanks for your work on our car.  The car is running great (possibly the best since 1998, when we bought the car).


Alastair Southwell - PA

Hi Ralph, I drove the car yesterday and it went like dream. A million times better. Please let Art know

Mat Lockwood - PA

Hey Ralph,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say 'thanks' since I picked up the mini yesterday.  The car runs better than it's ever run (under my ownership at least).  Very smooth, choke works exactly as I'd expect, and car is much better at low RPMs and on hills. Thank you very much for your work!  Despite the rain, I took the long way home on Sunday.


Ralph, Good to see you at NJMP - Lou Parrota


Ralph, thanks for dialing it in. Somewhere Ben is grinning -  Albert Zolner