Tzedakah - Charity 

I'm Jewish, and I was taught early on that Tzedaka (charity) was a Mitzvah (which is a good thing) and I was also taught that having a list of Mitzvahs handy when it came to settle your life's score would not be a bad thing. And I figure I can use all the help I can get on that day.

 Charity is a pretty personal thing and for many of us we have very personal reasons to give or help particular causes. And that is true for me and while I do support many things and so has Cloverleaf over the years, there happen to be four that are very important to me and Cloverleaf; Hope Afloat USA - a Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team, Chester County Hospital Cancer Clinic, Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (Candy's Rides) And the National MS Society. We have recently added a 5th to that, Fight for Air Stair Climb (Truckin` For Harry)

 Each of these charities has a way for you to be actively involved if you would so choose. Hope Afloat races right here in the area and if you know anyone with Breast Cancer come on down to the river and meet these amazing women. Chester County Cancer Clinic has a bike ride every summer - from something simple that I can do to a serious cross country jaunt. The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, raises money for the Autistic Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny School and you can come on out and get a ride in a Race Car (Candy's Rides) And the MS Society does a "City to the Shore" bike ride every year.