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Royale racing and Cloverleaf Auto Service have partnered up to offer you a wide range of racing experiences and choices. Royale, started in 1968 by Bob King, produced tremendously competitive cars in a variety of platforms; Formula Vee, Super Vee, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic and others. The present owner of Royale, Chris Shoemaker, is dedicated to keeping the Royale name alive and the cars competitive and running in vintage events around the world. To that end we offer a wide range of original parts and newly made parts for your Royale. We keep the Royale registry and can help you with researching the history of your car or help with the provenance. We are the only legal place to obtain correct parts, ID badges and such for your Royale.

Royale is the "open wheel" side of Cloverleaf Vintage Racing & Rally. As Cloverleaf always was and still is dedicated to  production type cars. For more on Royale Racing please click here - Royale Racing

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From cross country rallies to an afternoon rally with your local car club, Vintage racing or a slalom we can help you develop and prepare you car for whatever level you want to achieve.