Suspension and Tires

Go, Turn, Stop,

Your vehicle basically does three things; It goes, it turns and it stops. All of that is done through the 4 contact patches that are your tires. So choosing the correct tire and making sure it is in good shape is very important. (see more in our tech section) Keeping that contact patch in contact with the pavement at all times is the work of the suspension. Too soft and you shift the weight the wrong way, either in a turn or stopping and the weight comes off the tire and we loose grip. Get the suspension too tight and we bounce right up and again loose contact with the road and go off somewhere in the bushes. For the most part the engineers on more modern cars got it right and for most of us it makes for a nice riding vehicle. But then that is part of the rub. Cars are engineered to be a little bit of everything so while they may handle OK they were trying to blend the softest ride with the smoothest brakes with no noise and that means in various places compromises were made. We can fix that. But and this is a big but, and it is true through out the car's systems, if we "rob from Peter, we will have to pay Paul" Meaning that if we make it stop a lot better the pedal pressure may go up, or they are a little noisy. If we make it handle real well in a corner the over all ride may be harsher... Nothing is free, but we can usually come up with a package that will give you some nice gains but still be a nice ride on the street. We know what we are doing though, years on the track and off road have taught us how to balance the car and the ride. We know what happens with to much sway bar, or too much spring. So as in everything else, let's sit down and talk and decide where you need to be for what you want your vehicle to do.

Performance Handling

In today's world we have so many ways to improve the handling of your vehicle. We can make just about every part of it "tuneable". With our state of art 8 head alignment system we can measure and adjust all the alignment angles. We even have electronic scales here to truly balance your car. Match this to the proper tire and your vehicle will stick to the highway or climb up a Talus slope!