Welcome to the modern world of automotive electronics

Today many cars have more computing power onboard than was used in the Apollo Moon Rockets! In the ignition section I briefly touched on some of the advantages of electronic ignition, hotter spark, higher and more consistent voltages, shorter charge times on the coil... Well moving right along in the world of electronic ignition today's coil over (a coil directly hooked to a spark plug, usually without any sort of ignition wire) are capable of producing firing voltages in excess of 100,000 volts. Using various sensors that will determine the air/fuel density, the exact position of both cam and crank the computer systems in the car can direct the plug to fire at exactly the correct moment in time and for the exact duration needed to achieve the best possible results, being it pure power or mileage. The computer system can even be programed to deliver a second spark to the plug at so many degrees of crank rotation after the first spark to either help increase the burn or to further clean up the combustion process. We can even install distributors today, in cars that do not have computers, that you can program with a separate laptop computer to an almost infinte amount of timing curves. As noted before, if it was a simple as buying a set of spark plugs with a fancy name or pouring a bottle of an over the counter chemical into your fuel tank the big teams would not be spending the money they do to build facilities where they can do the research and the building of engines to find 3 more horsepower.

There are many electronic products you can buy for your vehicle that will improve the performance and we are dealers for many and have handled many of the others. We have the tools and equipment to install them correctly and set them up. But more importantly, we have the knowledge of which one you should buy and which you should not and which will make the new carburetor you just installed work correctly.