Repairs & Restoration

Cloverleaf's specialty is the repair, maintenance and restoration of your classic, vintage or antique vehicle

What at one time was a side part of the main business of repairing and maintaining your daily driver grew into the true heart and soul of Cloverleaf Auto Service. While British and American vehicles are what we do most (Why British? Because as a kid I could get myself into an E Type Jaguar for a lot less money than an American Muscle Car LOL) we have extensive experience in European & select Asian Classic, Vintage & Antique vehicles. Some of these vehicles, which are now considered rare or unusual were the everyday cars I learned my craft on.


While "restoration" seems to have some sort of mystique to it, in actuality most vehicles fall into the partial restoration or just service and repair categories. For more information on what is or is not a full restoration and for the other services offered please click the links on the side bar or pictures