Who We Are

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts..." Aristotle


Art Willenbrock III

The only person who has worked at Cloverleaf longer than Art is Ralph; Though he did take off a few years and work for a noted restoration shop in New York further honing his wide array of skills (Art has had a hand in the restoration of some Vintage War Birds and is a pilot himself) Click the button below for some more information



Ralph Steinberg

President & founder of Cloverleaf Auto Service Inc. Standing alongside his favorite race car, a very stock 1954 XK120m that races, rallies, the occasional slalom and is driven on the street. This shot was taken at one of the original Brian Redmond Jefferson 500's. The rookie stripes are for his co-driver at the time, Sam Lee, who went on (with Cloverleaf's help) to build and race his own vintage car, a Daimler SP250.



Frank Steinberg

In Memoriam - 1927-2012

People always ask how I wound up with Cloverleaf and how I learned my trade - Funny, I always swore I would not follow my father into the "trade" But I learned by having my own private instructor who just happened to be a master tech and if not for him and my uncle I most likely would never have started Cloverleaf. I know I would never have become who I am without my Father - he is missed.



Candy Stephani

In memoriam 1955-2011

 I doubt if I would have every gotten into half of the crazy things I did if Candy had not shared them with me..



Josh Shoemaker

Our newest member. Josh worked part time with us as he was finishing high school and then after graduation, (that is Josh in the cap and gown with his brother Jared to his left, who also works sometimes with us if he is not off at college) Josh went off to college. After finishing two terms, a bit longer than I stayed, he decided that perhaps college is not where he want so to be right now so has come back to work with us. We expect him to shortly to be much more active in the office as his computer skills leave Art and I in the dust



Chris Shoemaker

Chris is now part of our team too, though you probably will not see him to often at the shop, unless perhaps on a weekend working on a Royale. - The hat? Well that is the correct headwear for the VRG Turkey Bowl



Jared Shoemaker

Jared, pictured to the right of his brother Josh and his Mom, Suzanne, is a member of our team too.