Chris Shoemaker

Chris is the owner of Royale Racing which is becoming the racing side of Cloverleaf and the home of Cloverleaf Vintage Racing and Rally. I have known Chris since he first started Vintage Racing. He was running a Jocko back then. He loves open wheel cars and has owned some interesting ones, including The Flying Dutchman,  Arie Luyendyk's, , 1987 March 87C Indy Car, which Arie drove for Hemelgarn Rcing and finished 7th overall in points that season with the car. Now Chris drives Formula Fords, Royale's to be exact. Though you may not see him at the shop to often you will see him at the track and if you are using Cloverleaf's logistical and support you will be seeing and talking to him a good bit.