Art Willenbrock III (Trey to his friends)

MG enthusiast, he owns both MGB and MGC's, probably one of the best and most knowledgeable MG technicians this side of the pond. Though in keeping with Cloverleaf's general philosophy, the more we know the better we can serve you, he has worked on and been principal lead on the restoration of various Mercedes Benz including a beautiful 300SL Gullwing, 280SL and others. At one point in Art's life he worked in a machine shop and while we no longer do much of our machining in house, we have and excellent machine shop with many, many years of experience and experience in the racing world we use. We also have a Blacksmith, yes they are still around and yes a true blacksmith can make most anything. But having your own hands on experience makes it so much better when you sit down to design that one thing you can not buy. Art's attention to detail is legendary, as is the fact that you can never push Art to finish something before it is "right"