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        Winter has arrived! Are you ready for it?

Did you know that even though your vehicle may appear to be "cranking" over fast enough to start you may actually not have enough voltage to correctly fire your ignition system and fuel system?   In today's vehicles a low battery can leave you stranded even when it is still cranking the vehicle. And in today's vehicles making sure you have the correct battery, installed correctly, is very important.

Winter driving conditions stress your vehicle at the best of times. If your suspension is not up to snuff it becomes much worse. A bad set of shocks will increase your braking distance by as much as 12 to 15 percent or one or two car lengths! A bad shock will also increase body roll and wheel hop making it much more likely you will wind up in a spin

Cold temperatures and winter fuel blends play havoc with fuel mileage and what fuel costs today... When was the last time you had your car tuned?

The proper oil, changed at the proper time is always critical but in the winter months more so. Improper oil or oil not changed at the correct time will do dramatic damage to your engine and can void your warranties

So, instead of this, this winter

How about this, s

Cloverleaf Auto, 39 years of winter! Call us today and check out our winter specials!!

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