Cloverleaf News

Eric Baxter is the first to use the new combined Royale Racing & Cloverleaf Auto Service

We have known Eric for about 10 years or so

as a customer of Cloverleaf Auto. One day, just talking as we do about what was going on in our lives, he asked if we were going to be racing again this year and I told him about the new venture with Royale. And that we had just purchased a MGBGT race car and would be offering it for rental.

Did not take much more talking and Eric was signed up to do the VRG school and the Jefferson 500 in our MGBGT. We are now a RaceQuip dealer so we set him up with suit, gloves, shoes and helmet. And he was ready to race.

By the end of the weekend he had a giant grin on his face and learned what most do, Vintage Racing is so much more than just racing a car on the track, it is as much about the new friends you make and the party after your race!


Eric on the grid


Wait, is that Eric at Lemans?

Well no but who knows what he told his friend's at work!


But this is Eric

Coming out of turn 10 and heading down the main straight at Summit Point.