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Josh Shoemaker - New Vintage Racer

Many of you have met Josh at the shop

As he begins to learn to be a master mechanic. He now has his own tool box and is beginning to fill it and is reaching into Art's and my box less each day.

But at nights and on the weekends Josh was busy getting his Formula Vee ready to go racing. Honing skills he is learning during the day and learning many of the things that will make him a better mechanic on "normal" cars as he learns the theory and science that goes into making a race car a race car.

As per normal with your own race car it was a bit of a last minute scramble and some long hours but the Formula Vee was loaded along with the other race cars going down to the VRG Jefferson 500 and Josh's entry into the world of vintage racing was on!

Step one was attending the VRG driver's school. This school ranks right up there with many of the professional schools for a fraction of the cost. It starts early on Wednesday morning and ends on the full race track Friday and if you do well enough you may continue as a full participant in the VRG Jefferson 500 and put your first vintage race under your belt (you must complete 3 vintage races during the season that have VRG instructors present. You do well and they sign off and you now have a full vintage race license. Josh now has one under his belt!


Josh on the grid


Nope not Josh

But I bet he felt like this at the end of the day!


Josh in a RP16

Josh had some battery issues so Dad "lent" him the RP16 for a session - Chris had a bigger grid than Josh, I think.